Call to Action

The current focus of BRJE is to support the implementation of GARE in The Public Schools of Brookline (PSB). In service of this goal we have developed a Call to Action for the PSB to develop a comprehensive long-term vision and well-resourced plan to eradicate systemic racism and interrelated systems of privilege and oppression, creating a just school system that works well for all.  

To that end, we call on The PSB to:

Support Adults

Create ongoing support systems for school-based adults of all social identities to develop their understanding of systemic racism and intersectionality and their capacity to work effectively with students from all cultural backgrounds, making sure we are supporting faculty of color and incentivising them to stay.

Support Students

Develop a comprehensive, K-12 support system for students to develop a positive cultural identity and to acquire an understanding of systemic racism, privilege, oppression, and justice.

Develop Critical Pedagogy

Develop a pedagogical vision for culturally relevant teaching.  Connect this work to research and literature that describe school practices that are effective with students who are marginalized and disadvantaged by racism and other oppressions.   Implement ongoing staff development and support.

Un-level (de-track) Courses

Develop and implement plans to create heterogeneous, unlevelled courses (initially at the 9th grade level) and increase access to and enrollment in honor and advanced placement courses by students from historically marginalized populations and critically examine white supremacist origins of tracking and myths of meritocracy in tracking.

Implement Restorative Practices

Develop restorative practices as a means to achieving safe, culturally respectful, equitable and just schools. Problems related to inequitable processes, practices, policies, and outcomes in our schools can only be solved when all involved share responsibility and are prepared to work together.

Support Programs that Address Structural Racism

Ensure stable year-to-year funding, engaged leadership, and ongoing staff development for programs that serve students disadvantaged by systemic inequities, including (but not limited to): Steps to Success, The Calculus Project, African American & Latino Scholars, Project Discovery, Project Achieve, and ad hoc programs to provide materials assistance and improved academic support, etc.

Have Clear and Effective Leadership

A comprehensive approach to education equity and justice in the Public Schools of Brookline includes the hiring a ‘Chief Equity Officer’ or ‘Director of Educational Equity’ responsible for working with the school community to examine programs and practices with an equity lens while shaping a coherent, integrated equity strategy.